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Taking the time to find the perfect partnership or investigate potential collaborations, can be a long process involving countless hours searching for the organisation and then the right person to talk to. 

AB connects have a plethora of contacts, organisations and media connections that we can engage. If we do not know have the ideal collaboration then we will search for it.

Not sure it is out there? We will create it, just like we did with London PA Awards – Creating a bespoke awards, with multiple networking events, sponsors, and corporate engagement.

Executive Search

There is nothing more important than the collaboration & partnership with your team. They are the blood of the organisation.

Working with you from the beginning, we can communicate the core values, expectations and understanding of the position to potential candidate.  We can promote your organisation correctly & with confidence & discretion to help you attract the perfect candidate in the most competitive employment market in history.

We want the partnership to be long lasting, evolving & sustainable to both parties to deliver the ultimate collaboration & satisfaction.   We understand this is a partnership of the utmost importance and meet both parties needs and objectives for the present and the future. Working with you both we will marry these needs.

    How we can help:
  • Define roles – skill sets that are essential & desired
  • Candidate profiling
  • Pre-evaluation & consultation
  • Identify & short list proposed candidates.
  • Selection evaluation
  • Ongoing support for succession planning

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Executive Search



Delivers to objectives & always passionate about the project. From Start ups to established businesses we have had return on Investment
SHaron Segal